FOX Elektronix - Fux

We are a small Swiss company which has been working with free software (open source software) for more than 10 years. Our main goal is to offer affordable, safe and fun computers based on free software principals.

Our product range is continuously updated so as to make sure we deliver the very best solutions in computing industry.

At FOX Elektronix - Fux we try to focus on the educational sector.

Most of the programs installed on the computer are based on software of the KDE and Debian projects.

Our green leaf

It is very important for us to call your attention for our green side:
  • We look for recycled materials like paper, tapes and further packaging material.
  • We try to select computer models which are characterized by low power consumption and clean materials.
  • And we try to find the cleanest way to bring your computer to your home.

Do you want to become a reseller?

To keep the nature and the prices low we encourage you to buy as many parts of your computer locally (e.g. the keyboard, printers, mouses, etc.). Further we search for resellers in the different countries of this planet and thus try to lower prices and the lower the transport pollutions even more. So if you are interested to become a resellers in your country get in contact with us. But be quick for the moment we accept just one reseller per country.

Data for international bank transfers

IBAN: CH34 0900 0000 1901 9024 7
FOX Elektronix - Fux
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